About Dan

Dan Graham

Dan Graham is a highly experienced water & flood safety professional.  His track record of delivering high-quality consultancy, and engaging training courses stretches back over 15 years.  He has lifeguarded swimming pools and beaches around the world since 1999, and moved into swiftwater and flood rescue in 2004.  He has featured in front of the TV camera, and also has extensive experience at working behind the camera ensuring the safety of the shoot.  He regularly teaches water safety and technical rescue for a wide range of clients across the world.

Dan has volunteered as a Trustee for the Royal Life Saving Society UK, and Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth.  In 2017, he completed the development of an entirely new Pool Lifeguard training resource for low resource settings.  In 2007, Dan co-founded Nile Swimmers, now one of the largest drowning prevention organisations in Africa.  He currently sits as Trustee for Nile Swimmers, and dedicates his spare time to supporting the growth of the organisation.  He works in Sudan on a regular basis, and is a passionate advocate for drowning prevention in Africa.

Dan is currently the representative for RLSS UK on the Rescue Commission of the International Lifesaving Federation.  He has recently stepped down as Chair of the Community Organisation & Development Committee of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth.  He is also the Secretary for the Disaster Operations and Civil Protection Working Group of the International Lifesaving Federation of Europe.

Dan speaks fluent French, and also has a LLB Law with French degree, which gives him a deep understanding of the legalities surrounding aquatic risk management, and occupational water safety.  Dan passionately believes that increasing safe access to safe water is the best way to reduce drowning risk in any context.

Dan freedives for pleasure, and has also been a member of the Safety Team for the UK National Championships.  His breath-hold time is not particularly impressive, but he dives for relaxation rather than competition.  Dan has provided water safety cover or consultancy at a wide range of events including; London Triathlon, the Great Swim Series, the London Olympic Games, the European Games in Azerbaijan, the Kiteboard Pro World Tour, and the Red Bull OutRow.

Operationally, Dan has volunteered for Mountain Rescue, has been a Community First Responder for two different Ambulance Services, and responds for a number of specialist commercial operators.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys Adventure Racing – a grown-up version of hide-n-seek which involves just about every outdoor activity imaginable as teams of people run, climb, swim, kayak, bike, canoe, trek and cave around the country trying to find checkpoints in order to complete the journey.  These races vary from 5 hours long, to over 5 days long.