Occupational Water Safety

Dan has years of operational experience of occupational water safety in industrial settings.  From providing safety cover for bridge inspections, access for engineering works, or flood safety work in emergency situations.  Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to your tasks, and he is able to offer practical solutions to manage your occupational water risk.

Who is this useful for?

Dan has operational understanding of and experience with pontoons, powerboats, jetskis, scaffolding, and workboats. He has worked with TV companies, film crews, civil engineers, scaffolders, painters, park rangers, environmental officers and many others in all conditions across the UK and Europe.  Some sites require 24-hour operation, others can only work at night due to access restrictions.

Focussing on a workable solution, Dan can perform initial site visits, develop risk assessments, method statements, and operating plans for all of your water risks.  His breadth of knowledge of safety skills and techniques ensures that he will be able to develop an solution that’s right for you.  Dan relishes a challenge, and can be relied upon to blend techniques from other areas of technical rescue and apply novel solutions in a unique way, resulting in simple effective occupational water safety solutions for your risks.

What next…

Water safety doesn’t have to be complicated, contact me for a no-strings initial discussion.