Open Water Lifeguard

As a consultant for the Royal Life Saving Society UK, Dan was tasked with developing the concept and resources for an Open Water Lifeguard training course that could build upon the existing National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ).  With Dan driving the development, this resource went from concept to completion in less than 18 months – a record for RLSS UK.

What the day involves

The course consists of a one-day “bolt-on” module which trains swimming pool lifeguards how to use their existing skills in an open water environment.  There is no recap of existing NPLQ skills, and instead the classroom session focusses on the hazards that are unique to the open water environment.  A strong emphasis is placed upon the practical skills of dealing with casualties in the open.  The practical training is scenario based and highly interactive.

The aims of the Open Water Lifeguard course

At the end of the course, the lifeguard will have the necessary skills to lifeguard an open water venue within the context of an organised session or event.  The lifeguard is equipped to play their role as part of the team that ensuring the safety of swimmers.  The course does not cover the writing of operating procedures or risk assessing for an open water event.

Dan is able to deliver both the Open Water Lifeguard bolt-on, and the Trainer/Assessor course.  For further information, please get in contact.

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