Resource development – aquatic safety

Dan is an prolific author of a huge variety of instructional and academic texts on aquatic safety and rescue. As an experienced instructor, he is well used to tailoring materials to suit the intended learning outcomes, assessment criteria, and the needs of the students.

Dan is able to adjust his writing style to suit the audience, from formal academic writing, to casual chatty magazine style, and everything in between.  Dan will work to understand the exact requirements that you have, and develop a clear outline structure and project plan for the work.

Design, layout & photography

If necessary, Dan is able to also provide a design and layout service using industry-standard Adobe software.  He is used to working with professional photographers to guide them through the technical detail of the photographs required, and also to assist with the shoot, both in a studio setting or in situ at a water site.

Other writing

Browse the Portfolio section of this website to see a sample of Dan’s work – including in the internationally renowned Handbook on Drowning, and range of texts for Rescue 3 and the Royal Life Saving Society.

Dan has also been a regular contributor to Focus on First Aid magazine, and was a columnist for the Daily Post.  Dan  also sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Search and Rescue as a specialist in aquatic safety and swiftwater rescue.

Next steps…

For further information, and for a non-strings discussion about how I can help you, please contact me.