European Manual – Swiftwater Rescue Technician – Rescue 3

Swiftwater Rescue Technician

In 2011, the European Modular Manual for Swiftwater Rescue was a significant update and overhaul of Rescue 3 manuals globally.  The creation of Rescue 3 Europe had created a focal point for a demand for an new manual that referred to European Norms and used the metric system.

At the time, Dan was an experienced Swiftwater Rescue Instructor with writing skills and recovering from a dislocated shoulder.  This made him an ideal candidate to sit behind a computer and take on the significant task of rewriting the manual.  This piece of work formed the basis for a huge variety of course manuals that cascade from this, simply selecting the relevant chapters.

Following on from the success of the Swiftwater manual, Dan then moved on to update the Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operator manual and the Rope Rescue Technician manual.  Whilst no longer involved in the current updates, the strong foundations laid by Dan’s work are standing the test of time.

Field Guide

Dan’s last project with Rescue 3 was the development of the innovative Water Rescue Field Guide.  A pocket-sized guide designed as an aide-memoire and operational tool, printed on extra tough waterproof paper.  The front section is clear diagrams and photos of common swiftwater rescue techniques and tactics.  The back section consists of decision making tools, briefing structures, and reporting pads, all designed to make the job of the swiftwater rescue technician easier and simpler.