Handbook on Drowning

Since the seminal first edition of the Handbook on Drowning published in 2005, many epidemiological data have confirmed the burden of drowning in several parts of the world.  Studies have increased the understanding of effective drowning prevention strategies, rescue techniques and treatment options.  More has been learnt about hypothermia, the life-saving preparations of water-related disasters and how to deal with forensic investigations.

In the updated second edition, published in 2015, experts from around the world provide a wide overview of research data, expert opinions, and consensus statements. The book provides evidence-based practical information for various groups with tasks, duties and responsibilities in water safety.  This is the defining text on water safety and drowning prevention, and will lead the field for some years to come.  It is a unique resource that addresses the global problem of drowning from an international perspective.

Dan’s contributions

Dan is the co-author of two chapters in the second edition.  He wrote chapter 73 “Swiftwater Rescue” with Thilo Künneth, and chapter 150 “Water Rescue, Treatment, and Lifesaving” with Peter Glerum.  Additionally, he wrote a case-study which also features in a chapter.

Dan has electronic copies of his chapters freely available, and he also has print copies for sale to raise money for Nile Swimmers, please get in contact for further information.

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